Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How is it that we never run out of love? Sometimes I think my heart will burst with happiness and that I could never love my dear family and friends more than I already do. But then somehow my heart makes room for more people to love, makes room for love to grow deeper. Allows me to open up one stitch at a time.
I even do this when people abuse me. Somehow I find myself trying to see the world through others' eyes, to discover what makes them act the way they do. I want to love a person even if they're hurting me, even though they're not making sense. People who hurt others are almost always just scared little children inside. They are acting out of fear. They are afraid of abandonment and of abuse to themselves. They believe that they can somehow control their fear without dealing with it directly, or even acknowledging it. And thus they are caught in a cycle where they can never escape what haunts them. So ultimately, I feel bad for these people, even when they hurt me.
There is so much to be happy about. So many people to love. So much to enjoy and relish while we still have time. My heart grows larger every second.

Monday, May 9, 2011

It's amazing how life only gets more complicated.

Future-tripping is a term I made up that means to trip ballz while thinking about a future of unknowns. It's a technical term really.